Forgive Thyself 

So many of us are still picking at the scabs of past hurt till it becomes an open wound again as an excuse to cry and mourn. Stop.

I feel that we sometimes hold on to certain things in our past because we have forgotten to forgive ourselves. Deep down, somewhere in the mysterious depths of our unconscious rages a storm of unforgiving self guilt. On the surface, you have no actual reason to feel guilty. I think that’s why it’s so hard for us to identify it as the problem. The “thing” that has a hold on us when it comes to so-and-so situation. As always, most of us find ourselves the victims to cruel people or circumstances. (And for some of you, you are just actual pricks, so your guilt is well deserved). However this applies to all feelings of guilt. Resolve it.

I repeat. Resolve it!

Resolve it resolve it resolve it.

Damn I’ve typed that word over and over it’s starting to look weird.

Now don’t look at me for answers to “how”? Quite honestly, I don’t know. But, just do it.


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